The Difference Between Freshman Year And Senior Year In College

A lot of things change over four years.

1. Freshman year: running into high school friends on summer break.

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2. Senior year:

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3. Freshman year: waking up late for a class.

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4. Senior year:

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5. Freshman year: on the meal plan.

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6. Senior year: eating ramen.

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7. Freshman year: going to bars.

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9. Freshman year: studying for exams.

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11. Freshman year: making a friend in class.

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12. Senior year: seeing said friend on campus.

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13. Freshman year: when you ran into a RA.

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14. Senior year:

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15. Freshman year: getting dressed for the first day of class.

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17. Freshman year: when someone you just met adds you on Facebook.

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19. Freshman year: worrying about passing an exam.

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20. Senior year: worrying about getting a job.

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21. Freshman year: your choice of alcohol.

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22. Senior year:

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23. Freshman year: signing up for classes.

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24. Senior year:

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25. Freshman year: working on a group project.

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27. Freshman year:

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28. Senior year:

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