22 Resumes You Can’t Believe Actually Exist

I’d hire some of these people tbh. Via this Quora thread.

1. The person who had this interesting objective:

2. This expert communicator:

3. The guy whose joke fell flat:

4. This daycare employee who should never be allowed near children again:

5. This person’s extracurricular activity:

6. This nefarious dude:

7. This girl’s profile:

8. This person’s lowbrow achievement:

9. This kid’s awesome letter:

10. This guy’s prestigious award:

11. This girl’s hobbies turned experience:

12. This guy’s strange choice of metaphors:

13. This person’s career history:

14. This person’s cover letter:

16. This person’s spelling error:

17. This future businessman:

18. This guy’s crowning achievement any mother would be proud of:

19. This person’s very honest application:

20. This person’s glaring error (or not?):

21. This guy’s responsibilities:

22. And this girl’s attachment that’s almost better than a resume:

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