15 People That Prove Your Roommates Could Be Worse

At least you don’t have it this bad.

If you have a roommate, you may have encountered a few problems.

Like the roommate who leaves their dishes in the sink:

And the person who never changes the toilet paper:

Or the roomie who eats your food:


But no matter how bad your roommates are, at least they don’t compare to these people…

1. This kid who could’ve at least washed the sheets:

2. This guy who left you alone in a crisis:

3. And this damsel in distress:

4. This roommate whom you will kill if your clothes smell like poop.


5. This prankster who made you never want to see a red solo cup ever again:

6. And this prankster who actually put your hand in warm water:


7. This major oversharer:

Although maybe we should be impressed?

8. This guy who will happily watch you move all the furniture:

9. This girl who thought placing bodily fluids in the fridge was a good idea:

10. This chick who lives by Post-it notes:

11. This vile human being who needs new body wash:

12. And this girl who seriously needs to learn to clean the drain:

13. This roommate who left you with so many questions:

14. The messiest fast-food addict alive:

15. And worst of all, the roommate who messes with your Netflix account:

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