The New Florida State Logo Has Been Leaked And Fans Are Not Happy

No, this is apparently not a belated April Fools’ joke.

1. Florida State released this teaser a couple weeks ago and the FSU Vice President told ESPN that there would be minor alterations to the iconic logo.

“The changes are very minor and the primary thing people will see is consistency in the garnet.”

ID: 2721944

2. But according to these new photos of prematurely released FSU merchandise, the logo has more than a few “minor changes.”

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3. Tomahawk Nation has claimed they received confirmation from a source on the redesign team, and fans are NOT happy about it.

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ID: 2721885
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The new #FSUlogo is the worse than the gap logo redesign of a few years ago

— blaterveer (@blaterveer)
ID: 2721889

FSU's new logo looks like it's singing in a Vegas lounge.

— Lyndsay Lee (@LyndsayALee)
ID: 2721895

The new #FSU logo looks like he is getting the best head…….ever

— Jon Cestino (@yaboycestino)
ID: 2721891

Omg if that is the new Fsu logo...#furious

— Hot Piece of FSU (@Hotfsu)
ID: 2721893

FSU's new logo

— Perry Kostidakis (@perrykos)
ID: 2721918

New FSU logo is a guy needing to pee on an interstate w/ no exits, finds a rest stop & finally relieves himself.

— Bryan Wood (@bryanwx)
ID: 2721908

12. Thoughts?



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