29 Mind-Bending Works Of 3D Street Art You Need To See

Who knew a little chalk could create so much.

1. A swimming pool you just want to dive into.

Disclaimer: Definitely don’t dive. You will regret it.

ID: 3724263

2. An underground world you wouldn’t mind exploring.

ID: 3718969

3. The typical lazy Sunday with music and a pet.

ID: 3718974

4. This enchanting passage to a world beneath the sea.

ID: 3718973

5. A waterfall at the zoo in the Czech Republic.

ID: 3718979

6. A giant in serious need of his vitamins.

ID: 3718980

7. A rickety bridge you should probably avoid.

ID: 3718985

8. A glimpse into the vacation you’ve always wanted.

ID: 3718989

9. The fiery pits of hell.

Nope nope nope.

ID: 3718991

10. An army preparing for battle.

ID: 3718994

12. The beautiful yet terrifying gap in the valley.

ID: 3718996

13. This mutant critter who refuses to be your lunch.

ID: 3718997

14. A chain smoker and the effects his actions cause.

ID: 3718999

15. A grizzly and a dog, hanging by the river.

ID: 3719050

16. An owl delivering a message from the Wizarding World.

ID: 3719051

17. A trip to the aquarium to see the Orcas.

ID: 3719052

18. An example of why we should be happy dinosaurs no longer exist.

Yeah no.

ID: 3719053

19. A couple of swans gracefully swimming in the nearby lake.

ID: 3719054

20. A magic carpet ride.

ID: 3719055

21. An angel watching over.

ID: 3719056

22. A boating trip on a warm, summer day.

ID: 3719057

23. A look into Poseidon’s world.

ID: 3719059

24. This bird’s eye view of Seattle.

ID: 3719060

25. A hangout with some pretty cute penguins.

ID: 3724211

26. And a little Beatles action.

ID: 3724213

27. A risky moment with some hungry crocs.

Or gators? Idk.

ID: 3724212

28. A brave walk across the bridge.

ID: 3724214

29. And a hero in the making.

ID: 3724215

Images provided by Street Advertising Services. Special thanks to the artists below.

Manfred Stader
Julian Beever
Michael Qi
Leon Keer
Juandres Vera
Nikolaj Arndt

ID: 3727379

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