Here’s A First Look At "Heathers: The Musical"

The classic 80s dark comedy is hitting New World Stages 25 years after its movie release. What’s your damage, Heather?

1. Heathers: The Musical is coming to Off-Broadway this March, and BuzzFeed got a sneak peek at one of their rehearsals.

New Line Cinema

Think of it as the “Mean Girls of the 80s,” but way more provocative.

ID: 2479573

2. Heather, Heather, and Heather reenact some of their famous one-liners.

ID: 2478256

3. “What’s your damage, Heather?”

ID: 2478260

4. “Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast, Heather?”

ID: 2478259

5. “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.”

ID: 2478204

6. The bitchy trio sing a song called “Candy Store” and it’s actually really catchy.

ID: 2479575

7. It’s just as inappropriate as the movie.

“You’ve just got to prove you’re not a pussy anymore.”

ID: 2479583

8. And Heather Chandler doesn’t want ANYONE to steal her spotlight.

ID: 2479332

9. Veronica and J.D. share an intimate moment and express their emotions through song, obviously.

ID: 2478216

10. And then they make out.

~TrUe LoVe~

ID: 2478263

11. The Heathers consider letting Veronica join their group.

ID: 2478211

12. And then decide to change everything about her.

ID: 2478252

13. There’s an entire song dedicated to Ram and Kurt’s staged suicide love pact called “My Dead Gay Son.”

ID: 2478219

14. In which the dads apparently realize they’re also gay.

ID: 2478220

15. It’s basically everything you expected.

Ben Hider / Getty Images
ID: 2480266

16. And Heather doesn’t disappoint.

Ben Hider / Getty Images
ID: 2480271

17. Now here’s some cast photos!

ID: 2478777

18. Heather, Heather, Heather, J.D., and Veronica:

Elle McLemore, Alice Lee, Jessica Keenan Wynn, Ryan McCartan and Barrett Wilbert Weed

ID: 2478767

19. Veronica and Martha:

Barrett Wilbert Weed and Katie Ladner

ID: 2478768

20. Ram and Kurt:

Jon Eidson and Evan Todd

ID: 2478772

21. Veronica and J.D.:

Barrett Wilbert Weed and Ryan McCartan

ID: 2478774

22. Bonus: A blooper from Heather!

ID: 2480587

23. Heathers: The Musical previews begin at New World Stages on March 15.

Ben Hider / Getty Images

The show opens March 31.

ID: 2480267

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