19 Halloween Pinterest Fails

LOL nope.

1. Expectation: Surprise pumpkin pound cake.

2. Expectation: Crock-pot baked apples.

3. Expectation: Pumpkin cake.

Oxmoor House / Via

4. Expectation: Glitter pumpkins.

5. Expectation: Candy corn pumpkins.

6. Expectation: Cinnamon roll pancakes.


7. Expectation: Halloween rainbow bundt cake.



8. Expectation: Trash bag spider web window décor.

9. Expectation: Spooky spider cupcakes.

10. Expectation: Blood fondue bar.

11. Expectation: Chevron painting pumpkins.

12. Expectation: Oreo pumpkin pops.

13. Expectation: Melted crayon pumpkins.

14. Expectation: Spiderweb brownie bites.

15. Expectation: Snake wreath.

16. Expectation: Spiderweb snacks.

17. Expectation: Eyeball truffles.

18. Expectation: Witchy finger cookies.

19. Expectation: Babies in pumpkins.

Lesson of the day: Never trust Pinterest.

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