21 Moments That Will Get You Excited For Fall

Sweater weather is so close!

1. A trail of leaves falling through the glimmering path of sunlight.

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2. Sitting by a soothing bonfire as the flames engulf the cold air of an autumn night.

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3. These droplets of rain rippling through a puddle of fallen leaves.

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4. The misty mornings that make you want to run down the cool pavement.

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5. The warm steam rising above a fresh cup of hot coffee.

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6. A ray of sunlight gleaming through a patch of tall trees.

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7. The eerily quiet moment before the gates open at the Halloween-themed Disneyland.

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8. This sun-dappled leaf glinting in the autumn warmth.

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9. The peaceful sound of water coursing through its rocky path as it lightly crashes against the ground.

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10. The soft flicker of flames glowing inside these jack-o’-lanterns.

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11. A strikingly beautiful tree bathed in red and orange leaves illuminated by the sunrise.

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12. This delightfully irresistible piece of freshly baked pumpkin pie.

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13. A gentle wave across the title of Hocus Pocus, a story about the witches of Salem.

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14. This yellow tree enveloped by a fresh autumn breeze.

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15. The chilly downpour that makes for a perfect day cuddling indoors.

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16. A football grazing the grass at that game you’ve been anticipating.

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17. The floating candles in the Great Hall that signifies a Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family.

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18. A pile of leaves dancing whimsically in the wind.

ID: 1592595

19. The artistry of a barista’s pumpkin spice latte creation.

ID: 1592480

20. Jack Skelington descending upon his pumpkin patch in The Nightmare Before Christmas..

ID: 1592694

21. And a corgi resting on a blanket of ruby red leaves.

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Are you excited for the season?

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