27 Dogs Who Make Exceedingly Adorable Ring Bearers

Every wedding should have a dog.

1. “This pillow totally accentuates my eyes.”

ID: 1201391

2. “Don’t I look dapper in this top hat?”

ID: 1198112

3. “Wow, I have such an important job.”

ID: 1198119

4. “I’m going to look so damn cute bouncing down the aisle.”

ID: 1198139

5. “Is this the practice round?”

ID: 1198118

6. “I promise not to bark during the ceremony.”

ID: 1198147

7. “Do not eat the rings. Do not eat the rings.”

ID: 1198697

8. “We’ll still be friends after you get married, right?”

ID: 1198658

9. “This is so much pressure. I hope I do a good job.”

ID: 1200730

10. “I love masquerade weddings.”

ID: 1201340

11. “Pet meeeeeeee!”

ID: 1200758

12. “I can’t wait for you to open this red box.”

ID: 1198068

13. “I am so fancy.”

ID: 1201078

14. “So, what time is this thing happening?”

ID: 1201094

15. “Do I look better with or without the hat?”

ID: 1201300

16. “OMG OMG it’s almost time!”

ID: 1201315

17. “You’re going to be a husband, human. And I am honored to be your ring bearer.”

ID: 1200947

18. “Wait, where did I put the rings?…”

“JK it’s on my collar.”

ID: 1201007

19. “Is this my cue?”

ID: 1198191

20. “OK, I can do this.”

ID: 1202400

21. “This is my moment.”

ID: 1198159

22. “Here I go!”

ID: 1201323

23. “Look how fierce I am walking beside a bed of petals.”

ID: 1201165

24. “Have they kissed yet??”

ID: 1201010

25. “Congrats, you’re married! Can I have my bone now?”

ID: 1201341

26. “I’m so happy for my owners!”

ID: 1198209

27. “Thank you for picking me to be your ring bearer.”

ID: 1201367

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