37 Signs You Grew Up In South Florida

Where every holiday was spent at the beach.

1. You probably went to this club before you were 18.

ID: 1177482

2. You’ve been to Santa’s many a time.

And have permanently memorized the radio tune.

ID: 1177493

3. And you loved to watch the shows at Miami Seaquarium.

ID: 1177496

4. You either grew up bilingual or just became bilingual via osmosis.

ID: 1227314

5. This was your go-to water park.

Even though the lines were atrocious.

ID: 1177547

6. Boomers was the place you played mini-golf and rode that sketchy wooden roller coaster.

Wasn’t it originally called Grand Prix?

ID: 1177576

7. You went to Lion Country Safari and had many animals come right up to your window.

ID: 1177596

8. Or you fed the giraffes at Metro Zoo.

ID: 1179057

9. You always kept beach stuff in your car, just in case.

ID: 1227389

10. The Palmetto has been under construction since before you were born.

And it is notorious for awful traffic.

ID: 1177676

11. And palmetto bugs have RUINED YOUR LIFE.


ID: 1177653

12. If you didn’t live in Aventura, the only reason you went there was for the kick-ass mall.

ID: 1177698

13. Jaxson’s was your favorite place to go for ice cream.

And if you were brave enough, you ordered the Kitchen Sink.

ID: 1177757

14. This is where you went on vacation.

ID: 1177836

15. And here:

ID: 1177871

16. You often listened to the DJ Laz Morning Show on Power 96.

Power love hour!

ID: 1177889

17. Flips-flops were completely acceptable footwear all year round.

ID: 1178168

18. You’ve been to a few Quinceañeras in your life.

And maybe even danced in one.

ID: 1178176

19. You went to Vizcaya to see the palace.

And probably took some pretty pictures there too.

ID: 1178214

20. These were your sports teams.

Arielle Calderon

And you still hope the Dolphins will make a comeback. At least they had that perfect season in 1972.

ID: 1178222

21. Cuban food was the only kind of food.

The best type of catered party.

ID: 1178310

22. Senior Skip Day was spent at the beach.

ID: 1178348

23. You went through a chonga phase.

Or knew several girls who did.

ID: 1178375

24. You experienced Hurricane Andrew.

Or hear about it all the time.

ID: 1178398

25. Your summer camp field trips included a boat ride at the Everglades.

To watch a guy wrestle an alligator.

ID: 1178440

26. Or a trip to the Miami Science Museum.

ID: 1181081

27. Or maybe a trip to C.B. Smith Park.

ID: 1179049

28. You saw many birds walking around your neighborhood.

Ducks, chickens, peacocks. You know, normal stuff.

ID: 1178593

29. The only season you experienced was summer.

Arielle Calderon
ID: 1178667

30. The Festival Flea Market is where you went shopping on Saturdays.

ID: 1178728

31. As much as humidity sucks, it feels kind of comforting to you.

ID: 1227337

32. You are fluent in Spanglish.

ID: 1178801

33. You probably had a colorful house on your block.

ID: 1178879

34. Knowing someone who had a boat made you feel cool.

ID: 1178915

35. The Dade County Fair was an annual event.

ID: 1178954

36. You crossed the Seven Mile Bridge when you went to the Keys.

ID: 1180827

37. And driving in Hialeah was terrifying.

Still is.

ID: 1180862

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