Rest In Pierce

Pierce Hawthorne from Community has recently passed away, here’s a post dedicated to all things Pierce. Our favorite semi-racist, politically incorrect, Greendale student.

2. Who’s that old guy?

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Pierce Hawthorne was the former CEO of Hawthorne Wipes (a moist towelette company) and has been married over seven times and accumulated over thirty step children. He began attending Greendale Community College in 1999 and finally graduated in 2013. Who is that old guy you ask? The one that changed the lives of many.

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3. Let’s all start getting excited for things the way Pierce did

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5. He reminds us there’s always a way to achieve what we want

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6. He can recap the day and relate it to anything

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7. just wanted to throw this one in there

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8. or adorable, hilarious, loving, needy, etc

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9. (see above post) father figure

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10. Always willing to help others

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11. heheheh Pierce, you dog

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12. When he let Troy live with him in his mansion

heart = broken when Troy moves out (spoiler alert - Troy moves out)

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13. He was always an innovator

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14. His feelings towards Jeff

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15. He always was honest, making him lovable

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16. sometimes to honest, but honest nonetheless

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we just aren’t supposed to hear some things Jeff

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21. Let us all take a moment and remember the legend that was Pierce Hawthorne

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