17 Ways Braces Completely Ruin Eating

Not only do you look weird, but you also can’t eat anything. UGH.

1. It’s SUPER painful to eat with braces.

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2. You always have to take teeny-tiny bites of your food.

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3. Or cut everything up into small pieces.

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Including your sandwiches.

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4. Eating takes FOREVER.

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Like, way too long.

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5. And when it gets too painful to chew, you end up putting strange things in the blender for nutrients.

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6. People are all like, just eat soft foods and liquids.

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7. But you wish you could just eat your favorite foods instead.

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8. Too bad you’re paranoid about eating everything.

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Including these chewy caramel apples.

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These hot, delicious bagels.

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This grilled sweet corn.

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This delicious, buttery popcorn

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And this giant, mouthwatering steak.

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9. Holidays are the worst when you have braces. No Valentine’s Day sweets for you.

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You’re definitely not eating lip-smacking BBQ on the Fourth of July.

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And no delicious turkey for Thanksgiving.

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10. It sucks when you eat something you know you’re not supposed to and you break your braces.

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And your food starts to taste like blood.

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11. And then you have to tell your dentist what happened.

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12. Everything tastes slightly of metal.

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13. And sometimes you eat dental wax. EW.

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14. It’s so annoying that you have to take your rubber bands out before every meal.

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15. And you always have things stuck in your teeth.

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16. You have to use this weird toothbrush after you eat.

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17. And your clear bands are always stained with whatever you eat or drink.

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Braces are the WORST.

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