17 Strange Pies You Still Might Eat

Just give these pies a chance, OK?

1. Dorito And Onion Pie

Cool Ranch to be specific. Find the recipe here.

Yum? Find the recipe here.

Also called a raisin pie. This pie is often seen in Amish homes for a funeral (hence the name). Find the recipe here.

Is this just like a pie full of creamy guacamole? Because that sounds great. Find the recipe here.

5. Cheeseburger Pickle Pie

The pickle is key to making this pie work. Find the recipe here.

If you close your eyes the texture might be similar to cherry pie. Find the recipe here.

If you like beans and pie separately then why wouldn’t you like them together? Find the recipe here.

8. Mac And Cheese With Bacon Pie

I promise you this pie is worth every calorie. PINKY PROMISE. Find the recipe here.

Have your dinner, drink, and dessert all at once. Find the recipe here.

10. Frito Chili Pie

Those fritos are COVERED in cheese. Find the recipe here.

Mmhmm those are fish heads poking out of that pie. This is a Cornish dish made out of fish (specifically pilchards), potatoes, and egg and is enveloped in pie crust. Find the recipe here.

CHEESE LATTICE. Find the recipe here.

This is Paula Deen’s creation (obviously). Find the recipe here.

The crust on this pie is made out of crescent rolls and tortilla chips. Find the recipe here.

15. Green Tomato Pie

Tomatoes and buttery crust can’t be bad, right? Find the recipe here.

16. Pickle And Peanut Butter Pie With Yogurt

This pie was a part of a “strange pie” challenge in Petaluma, California. It did not win.

This pie WON the aforementioned strange pie contest in California.

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