18 Reasons Hot Dogs Are The Perfect Food

Hot dogs can change your life, if you let them.

1. Hot dogs force people to get creative.

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2. They encourage us to be resourceful.

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3. And they help us throw awesome parties.

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4. Hot dogs create jobs.

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5. They make people question the boundaries of what is possible.

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6. And they help us get dressed in the morning.

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7. Hot dogs force us to question our beliefs.

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8. They show us what competition is all about.

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9. They make us beautiful.

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10. And they inspire art.

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11. Hot dogs show us how evolution works.

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12. They help us express romantic feelings.

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13. They bring families together.

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14. And they help us bond with our pets.

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15. Hot dogs inspire other foods to reach for the stars.

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16. They can be made into toys if you’re bored.

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17. They make shopping for cheap furniture something to look forward to.

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18. And they can transform any meal into something special.

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