21 Fun Foods To Make With Kids For Mother’s Day

Because moms are the best and deserve to eat adorable French toast kebabs.

1. Mini Pancake Cinnamon Rolls

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These cinnamon buns are secretly just pancakes covered in icing. What’s not to love? Find the recipe here.

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2. French Toast Kebabs

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Have your kids choose the fruit and arrange the kebab. Find the recipe here.

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3. Pancakes that have faces.

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Have the kids decorate pancakes to look like people in your family.

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4. Bacon Egg Cups

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This recipe only has three ingredients (plus salt and pepper). Find the recipe here.

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5. Jam Roll-Ups

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Cute pastries made with your favorite jam and pie crust. Find the recipe here.

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6. Peanut Butter And Jelly Smoothie

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Yeah, you could make a nice mixed berry smoothie or something exotic, but this is so much better. Find the recipe here.

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7. Waffle And Yogurt Parfait

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Have your kids choose the fruit and arrange the parfaits in the glass. Recipe here.

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8. Fruit Kebab With Chocolate Drizzle

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Put fruit on skewers and drizzle with melted chocolate. Can’t really mess up on that one. Find the recipe here.

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9. Tortilla Pizza

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The easiest pizza to make. Recipe here.

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10. Funfetti Mini Pancake Muffins

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Is it a birthday cake? Is it a muffin? Is it a pancake? Let mom decide. Find the recipe here.

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11. Brownie Waffles

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You can do this recipe two ways. You can just buy a brownie mix and put that in the waffle maker, or you can make it from scratch with these directions.

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12. Heart-Shaped Eggs And Toast

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You could do this with any large cookie cutter shapes you have. Find the recipe here.

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13. Inside Out Bagel Sandwich

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Cut the bagel and scoop out the top and bottom of the bagel and fill with whatever your heart desires. Find the recipe here.

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14. Strawberry Lemonade

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When the kids have their backed turned, add some booze to mama’s drink. She’ll like that. Find the recipe here.

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15. Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes

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You could just use a pancake mix, add some food coloring, and mint extract if you want. Or you could follow this recipe.

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16. Flower-Shaped Tea Sandwiches

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Flower sandwiches filled with delicious things are so much better than regular flowers.

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17. Crustless Mini Quiches

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Have the kids decide what goes in the quiche and let them put the egg mixture in the muffin tin. Find the recipe here.

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18. Spring Flower Popsicles

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Make these the day before Mother’s Day for a special treat. Recipe here.

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19. Omelet Inside Of A Pepper

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How can you deny your mom something this visually awesome on Mother’s Day? Find the recipe here.

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20. Individual Blueberry Muffins

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Super cheap and easy to make in the microwave. Find the recipe here.

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21. Nutella Biscuits

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A delicious mess. Find the recipe here.

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