16 Crazy Restaurant Receipts

And you thought you were done with your meal.

1. Receipts that make questionable excuses.

A pastor wrote that note, and the Applebee’s server who posted it to Reddit was fired. This basically caused the internet to explode.

ID: 862438

2. Receipts that reward good behavior.

ID: 861661

3. Receipts that brighten your day.

ID: 861696

4. Receipts that wax poetic.

ID: 861797

5. Receipts that give credit where credit is due.

ID: 861849

6. Receipts that play games.

ID: 861654

7. Receipts that are honest.

ID: 861853

8. Receipts that like to ball out.

That’s almost $200,000, guys.

ID: 861913

9. Receipts that are just creepy.

ID: 861991

10. Receipts that are OCD.

And, apparently, penny-pinching.

ID: 861929

11. Receipts that are mathematically perfect.

ID: 861967

12. Receipts that know your hidden desires.

ID: 861998

13. Receipts that call it how they see it.

ID: 862007

14. Receipts that are NOT very nice.

ID: 862030

15. Receipts with too much money for their own good.

True story: This was a Russian billionaire who felt like sending a special present over to Zac Efron and Heather Graham.

ID: 862043

16. Receipts that add insult to injury.

“P.S. You could stand to lose a few pounds.”

ID: 862535

h/t Eater for their consistent excellence in receiptrocity reporting.

ID: 862453

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