50 Foods Shaped Like The 50 States

Hate to take sides, but Michigan definitely wins.

1. These biscuits are shaped to look like Alabama.

ID: 882335

2. Here is a frozen tundra cake that resembles Alaska.

ID: 883950

3. This pizza is shaped like Arizona.

ID: 882308

4. These maple-laden pancakes are shaped like Arkansas.

ID: 882392

5. Here is a scone shaped like California.

ID: 882088

6. This square and mountainous-looking brownie looks like Colorado.

ID: 882431

7. This cookie loves that it is shaped like Conneticut.

ID: 882442

8. Here is a steak that resembles Delaware.

ID: 882093

9. This strange pancake is shaped like Florida.

ID: 882500

10. This groom’s cake is shaped like Georgia.

ID: 886375

11. Here is a cute cookie that looks like Hawaii.

ID: 882557

12. The bottom popcorn chicken looks like Idaho.

ID: 882604

13. This cornflake looks like Illinois

ID: 881997

This cornflake sold for $1,350 on eBay in 2008. Someone REALLY likes Illinois. Read more about it here.

ID: 888922

14. Here is a cute kid showing us his chicken nugget shaped like Indiana.

ID: 882608

15. So many crackers that are shaped like Iowa.

ID: 882613

16. This pancake is shaped like Kansas.

ID: 882653

17. This upside down chocolate is shaped like Kentucky.

ID: 883999

18. Here is a cake shaped like Louisiana.

ID: 883112

19. I wish all pancakes looked like Maine.

ID: 882186

20. These cookies are shaped like Maryland.

ID: 883120

21. These cookies are shaped like Massachusetts.

ID: 881981

22. This Chicken Nugget kinda looks like Michigan.

ID: 883123

23. These meat pies on a stick look exactly like Minnesota.

ID: 881909

24. Here is a steak that resembles Mississippi.

ID: 883142

25. This cookie looks like Missouri.

ID: 886393

26. This cheddar cheese looks like Montana.

ID: 883189

27. This burger is shaped like Nebraska.

ID: 882048

28. This glorious wheat thin resembles Nevada.

ID: 883208

29. Here is a green cake that looks like New Hampshire.

ID: 883255

30. This cheesy pizza resembles New Jersey.

ID: 882506

31. This bright yellow cake is shaped like New Mexico.

ID: 884143

32. This New York-shaped cookie is a winner.

ID: 883472

33. This tiny piece of bacon looks like North Carolina.

ID: 882108

34. This chocolate is shaped like North Dakota.

ID: 886415

35. Here is a piece of cheese that resembles Ohio.

ID: 891277

36. Here is a cookie shaped like Oklahoma.

ID: 882154

37. This hawaiian pizza looks like Oregon.

ID: 883570

38. This hunk of meat is shaped like Pennsylvania.

ID: 882094

39. Here is a Sun Chip that looks like Rhode Island.

photo taken by Macey Foronda for BuzzFeed
ID: 890443

40. This cake is shaped like South Carolina.

ID: 882140

41. This South Dakota-shaped cookie highlights the important parts.

ID: 883629

42. Here is a cake shaped like Tennessee.

ID: 883683

43. Almost all food has at one point been shaped like Texas, but this egg is the best.

ID: 883549

44. This cake looks like Utah. Check out those trees!

ID: 883772

45. This cracker kind of looks like Vermont.

ID: 884152

46. Here is a tortilla chip shaped like Virginia.

ID: 891602

47. This beautiful rainbow cake looks like Washington.

ID: 883808

48. These jello shots are shaped like West Virginia.

ID: 883876

49. Obviously there is cheese shaped like Wisconsin.

ID: 882257

50. These waffles resemble Wyoming.

ID: 883900

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