27 Big And Impressive Dishes For Easter

Not just hunks of meat — vegetarian options too.

1. Minted Lamb Leg

ID: 1023574

Lamb is Easter, Easter is lamb. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1023575

2. Glazed Ham With Horseradish Cream

ID: 1016320

Horseradish adds a nice kick to this classic Easter dish. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1016334

3. Raspberry Balsamic And Pecan Encrusted Rack Of Lamb

ID: 1020299

Add a nutty crunch to your lamb. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020303

4. Herb-Baked Salmon

ID: 1020528

Recipe here.

ID: 1020531

5. Crustless Kale Quiche

ID: 1020451

Adding some other spring veggies would be nice too. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020452

6. Roasted Ham With Citrus And Rye

ID: 1020154

This untraditional roasted ham requires a few days to make, but it is definitely worth the trouble. Find the recipe on Bon Appétit.

ID: 1020158

7. Fried Rabbit

ID: 1016759

Move over Easter bunny. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1016760

8. Cola-Pineapple Glazed Ham

ID: 1021631

Find the recipe here.

ID: 1021707

9. Spinach, Feta, And Potato Gratin

ID: 1020461

A decadent yet waist-friendly vegetarian option. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020464

10. Garlic Honey Mustard Slow Cooked Ham

ID: 1020162

Find the recipe on Blissfully Domestic.

ID: 1020166

11. Herbed Leg Of Lamb With Roasted Turnips

ID: 1016291

Recipe here.

ID: 1016340

12. Salt-Crusted Red Snapper

ID: 1024770

Baking whole fish in a salt crust results in a flakey and succulent fish. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1024809

13. Oregano And Orange Rack Of Lamb With Caramelized Fingerling Potatoes

ID: 1020309

Bless this rack of lamb for being so beautiful. Find the recipe on Martha Stewart.

ID: 1023882

14. Poached Wild Salmon With Peas And Morels

ID: 1022071

Recipe from Bon Appétit.

ID: 1022073

15. Braised Lamb Shanks In Port And Red Wine

ID: 1020321

There is something so magical about braised lamb. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020323

16. Crown Roast Of Lamb With Fresh Herbs

ID: 1020333

This might look intimidating, but it is definitely impressive and worthy of an Easter main course. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020337

17. Asparagus Tart With Walnuts And Parmesan

ID: 1020486

Basically a pizza with butter, Mascarpone, and asparagus. Um, YES PLEASE. Recipe here.

ID: 1020487

18. Lamb Chops With Tomato Mint Jam

ID: 1020472

Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020475

19. Braised Honey Mustard Rabbit

ID: 1020388

Recipe here.

ID: 1020395

20. Fig-Glazed Roast Pork

ID: 1023644

Find the recipe here.

ID: 1023646

21. Vegetable Frittata

ID: 1020695

The more veggies the better. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1020697

22. Crock Pot Maple Brown Sugar Ham

ID: 1021798

Find the recipe here.

ID: 1024007

23. Ham And Asparagus Strata

ID: 1020784

Find the recipe on The Parsley Thief.

ID: 1020788

24. Sticky Rosemary Balsamic Ham

ID: 1021831

Find the recipe here.

ID: 1021833

25. Pan-Crisped Salmon With Light Dijon Cream And Garlic Butter Breadcrumbs.

ID: 1022061

Find this recipe on How Sweet It Is.

ID: 1022064

26. Apple Cheddar Quiche With Ham And Sage

ID: 1023526

Lots of sweet and savory things going on in this recipe. Find the recipe here.

ID: 1023529

27. Mustard Rabbit With Baby Asparagus Tips

ID: 1024063

Get the recipe from Cooking In Sens.

ID: 1024066

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