11 Deeply Disturbing Foods Shaped Like Babies

Who’s going to change the diaper on this hot mess?

1. Oh yum, umbilical cord.

ID: 956502

2. Stop it, cantaloupe baby. Just stop.

ID: 956623

3. Your fondant blanket is weird. I hope your nap sucks.

ID: 956553

4. As if white chocolate weren’t already gross enough.

ID: 956685

6. Meatloaf baby, your bacon diaper is the worst.

ID: 956673

7. That awful chubby leg!

ID: 956598

8. Somebody get rid of those gross little fingers.

ID: 957043

9. WHAT.

ID: 957453

10. Statement brow.

ID: 957411

11. Is this supposed to be a cookie? COME ON.

ID: 957500

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