16 Ways Being Home For The Holiday Turns You Into A Child

Thanks, mom and dad! Also, sorry, mom and dad.

1. You suddenly forget how to provide food for yourself.

“But dad, it’s better when you make it!”

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2. Or how to eat well.

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3. Or how to clean up after yourself when you’re done eating.

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4. You and your siblings immediately revert back to old power dynamics.

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So suck it up and hand over the remote, little bro.

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5. You rely on your parents for rides everywhere.

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6. And they still want to know where you’re going, who you’re seeing, and when you’ll be back.

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“Just some people, you wouldn’t know them, GEEZ.”

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7. Drinking booze in the house still feels rebellious, so you feel like you need to be sneaky about it.

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8. You sleep in your old twin bed, under your Teen Beat cutouts and posters.

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9. You live in your PJs, which ideally are festive onesies.

Real clothes? Uhh no thank you.

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10. And you drink out of these like it’s no big deal.

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11. You’re back to explaining to your mom what you’re doing online at 3am.

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“I’m just talking to my friends!!!!!!!!!”

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12. And forget about doing your own laundry.

You may have even arrived with an extra bag or two of your already-dirty clothes, just in case mom or dad feel like throwing it in with the wash.

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13. You get sucked into your old video game consoles.

This will be the year you beat Ocarina of Time.

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14. Nothing in the world seems more exciting than decorating the Christmas tree…

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It’s just better than the one in your own apartment!

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15. …or opening up the presents underneath it.

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16. And for a few days (or weeks) all of your adulthood stresses are tossed aside.

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Happy holidays!

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