17 Things To Look Forward To Now That The Holidays Are Over

It’s January and we’re feeling deflated. Now what?

1. The return of your favorite TV shows


Whether it’s a much-anticipated season premiere (Community, Downton Abbey, Suburgatory) or the end of the impossibly cruel winter recess, the result is the same. Our friends are baaaaack!

Date(s): Now through early March. Check out the full list here.

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2. New movies on Netflix

Charlie Warzel / buzzfeed.com

Feeling like you’ve exhausted your Netflix options? Good news! The company just added 26 titles into their collection for the new year.

Date(s): January 1

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3. National Bubble Bath Day


Date(s): January 8

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4. Spring semester

Paramount Pictures / theawkwardverge.tumblr.com

Paramount Pictures ? theawkwardverge.tumblr.com


Congratulations, college students: a new semester means fresh classes, new professors, and a clean slate.

Date: Mid-late January

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5. Awards season

Print out your ballots, put some money on it, and make it interesting.

Date(s): January 12 (Golden Globes), January 26 (Grammy Awards), March 2 (Academy Awards)

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6. More specifically, awards show hosts

Jonathan Ernst / Reuters / Reuters

With Tina Fey and Amy Poehler back for the Golden Globes, and Ellen DeGeneres returning to host the Oscars, the shows are pretty much guaranteed to be killers.

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7. Opposite Day

Jean Valley

This holiday is definitely NOT cool and definitely NOT a perfect excuse for pranking people.

;) ;) ;)

Date(s): January 25

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8. Billy Joel’s open-ended residency at Madison Square Garden

SONY BMG / Via youtube.com

Yes, much of Billy Joel’s career has been relegated to no-repeat-workday radio, but he’s the piano man. “And So It Goes”? Poetry.

Date(s): Once a month, indefinitely, starting January 27 (tickets here)

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9. Super Bowl XLVIII

You don’t have to be a sports fan to be psyched about Super Bowl parties and their equally appalling and delicious spreads. Also, Bruno Mars at half-time!

Date(s): February 2

ID: 2223748

10. Fashion week

Flickr: gomainstream / Creative Commons / Via blog.hukkster.com

Or, reminder that you’re going to need an entirely new wardrobe in about a year.

Date(s): February 6 — 13 (New York)

ID: 2222967

11. Sochi Olympics

Flickr: queenyuna / Creative Commons

The Winter Games have been surrounded by controversy, with concerns over public saftety, behind-the-scenes corruption, and not least of all Russia’s anti-gay laws dominating much of the conversation. Still, everyone knows winter sports are the best, and those watching will have two weeks of skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, and curling to enjoy.

Date(s): February 6 — 23

ID: 2223542

12. Late Night with Seth Meyers

We’re ready.

Date(s): February 24

ID: 2224086

13. Tax refunds

Hal Roach Studios / Via twoyellows.tumblr.com

To be spent on only the most impractical things.

Date(s): Any time before April 14

ID: 2222145

14. Shamrock shakes

One for breakfast, one for lunch, one for dinner…

Date(s): Early March, varies with location

ID: 2222076

15. Pi Day

Flickr: djwtwo / Creative Commons

A celebration of math and baked goods!

Date(s): March 14

ID: 2226769

16. Cheap(er) winter airfare

Flickr: lauri_vain / Creative Commons

Most people don’t want to travel in the cold, and you can make that work for you by booking flights at sometimes half the price of peak travel tickets. Just, you know, layer up.

Date(s): Now through April

ID: 2223430

17. Your new, better, more focused life.

It’s 2014! You’ll go the gym! You’ll organize your closet! The future is bright!

Date(s): Now — forever

ID: 2224113

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