24 Signs You Grew Up In Suburbia

I’ll meet you at the mall!

1. Walking anywhere was out of the question.

trekandshoot / Creative Commons, Inc.

Unless you were going to your friend’s house on the next block over.

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2. A cul-de-sac was the place to be in the summer.

ARENA Creative / Creative Commons, Inc.
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3. Independence was going to the mall without your parents for the first time.

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4. You spent your 16th birthday in line at the DMV, waiting for your learner’s permit.

ID: 2198347

5. And then you spent three months in after-school driver’s ed with an instructor who definitely didn’t want to be there.

ID: 2198382

6. But until you saved up for a car (or were lucky enough to be given one), you were borrowing the family minivan.

ID: 2198499

7. The hottest nightspot was a strip mall parking lot.

ID: 2198677

8. This was your first date:

ID: 2199097

9. This was your second:

New Line Cinema / Via stepbaby.tumblr.com
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10. You actually went to your school’s football games.

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11. After which you took over your local diner.

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12. You knew which parks you could drink at without getting caught.

ID: 2198822

13. Otherwise there was always the one kid whose parents turned a blind eye to drinking in the basement.

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ID: 2198878

14. Your cool local coffee shop was a little place called Starbucks.

Flickr: fatafede / Creative Commons
ID: 2198908

15. And this was your hip bookstore.

Flickr: tojosan / Creative Commons


ID: 2198944

16. Even if you didn’t have one, you definitely knew someone with a pool.

Flickr: gojeffrey / Creative Commons

Bonus points if it was above ground.

ID: 2199030

17. You’ve been to birthday parties at bowling alleys, roller rinks, and laser tag venues.

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ID: 2199061

18. Holiday decorations were a specific kind of spectacle.

ID: 2199235

19. You knew which houses gave out the best candy on Halloween.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney

ID: 2199085

20. And you probably went trick-or-treating a year or so past the time that it was age-appropriate.

Twentieth Century Fox / Via trippsonfire.tumblr.com
ID: 2199148

21. Your first job was at a movie theater, and you abused your power by sneaking your friends in.

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ID: 2199106

22. July 11 was one of your favorite holidays.

Flickr: drbethsnow / Creative Commons


ID: 2199114

23. Going into “the city” was a big deal, but acting like it was a big deal was out of the question.

Flickr: notoriousjen / Creative Commons

“Yeah, no, I totally know how to get there.” ::inches closer to subway map::

ID: 2199121

24. You loved it and hated it, but either way, it was home.

ID: 2199177

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