18 Knockoff Fast Food Restaurants That Aren’t Fooling Anybody

We see you, Pizza Hat.

1. Pizza Hat

We all love pizza but we can also agree that a pizza hat sounds ill-advised.

2. Dominics

What a guy.

3. Bucksstar Coffee


4. Starbox Coffee


5. Stars & Bucks Cafe


6. 5-Eleven

7-Eleven’s chill cousin.

7. MFC

Mentucky Fried Chicken.

8. DFC

“The Big D”

9. Mc Kebab

To be fair, the arches are much improved by a suggestive smiley face.

10. McDoner

Could learn a thing or two from McKebab.

11. Restaurant Taco Bell

Seems fishy!

12. Donkey Donuts

At what point… do the donkeys enter the picture?

13. Mash Donald’s

Hard to make a burger sound unappealing, and yet here we are.

14. Dairy King

Clearly inferior to the Queen.

15. SunnyDay

Every day is a Sunny Day when you’re eating a sub.

(Unclear how many guys.)

17. Burger Friends

AP Karim Kadim

The best kind of friend.

18. Michael Alone



A previous version of this post included Hungry Jack’s, which is actually the Australian Burger King. The more you know!

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