16 Most Important Questions At The Vintage Paper Fair

The old-timey ephemera at the antique paper show really makes you think.

1. Did the recipient of this postcard appreciate wordplay enough to marry her beau?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189727

2. Do you see the resemblance between anyone and this yellow-hatted bicyclist?

Ariane Lange

Postcard text: “The object on the wheel reminded me of you and thought I would send you one. Am enjoying my self. Are you?”

Well? Are you?

ID: 1189723

3. What does voting for a baby have to do with women’s suffrage?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189733

4. “Do you believe in signs?” Let me answer that question with another question: Do you believe in creepy postcards?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189741

5. Do I have to?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189736

6. Is this a threat or something?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189744

7. “Who says we can’t have birds, even if we haven’t any green trees!”

Ariane Lange

Good question, Elise!

ID: 1189747

8. Have you ever been busy enough to justify this kind of postcard behavior?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189749

9. Wait, really?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189754

10. Why don’t we talk about scuppernongs more?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189756

11. 1950s, how were you so stylin’?

Ariane Lange

Picture these puppies at the end of your gams.

ID: 1189760

12. What on earth could have kept “boy” from Sunday School?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189765

Is he on the lam?

Ariane Lange

Postcard text: “Dear Jack - We have missed you and hope that you haven’t been sick. Won’t you come next Sunday? Mrs. Bothman”

Pretty sure you can bet your sweet bippy this boy wasn’t sick at all.

ID: 1189761

13. What in gosh-all-Potomac is this doll looking at?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189773

14. Oh horsefeathers, how could he forget Valentine’s Day?

Ariane Lange
ID: 1189780

15. But why?

Ariane Lange

Guess she must be pretty hotsy-totsy?

ID: 1189784

16. Why should you sit in the scorner’s seat or hurl the cynic’s ban?

Ariane Lange

If you can answer that question, you should set your mind to not being such a wet blanket.

ID: 1189788

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