11 GIFs Of Julia Child Tasting Things

In honor of the iconic chef’s birthday, here she is, doing what she loved best.

1. Boeuf bourguignon. “I’ve made quite a few beef stews lately.”

ID: 1479757

2. Sauce for boeuf bourguignon. “Doesn’t taste good now at all.”

ID: 1479742

3. Bouillabaisse a la Marseillaise. “You don’t want to fuss around with it afterwards, so be sure to taste it. It should be absolutely perfect at this point.”

“Mm, that is, ‘cause I already had tasted it before.”

ID: 1510629

4. Mashed baked potatoes. “It’s always a good idea to taste it because you want to be sure you’ve got enough salt and pepper in.”

“That’s good. Nothing like butter.”

ID: 1510818

5. Potato soufflé. “I like them quite a dark brown. Just taste one.”

ID: 1479766

6. Sampling at a market in the south of France. *nods*

ID: 1479773

7. Beef tartare au gratin. “It’s very healthy because it’s on a whole wheat pita, so that’s nourishing.”

“Very good!”

ID: 1479991

8. Sauce for cold lobster. “A drop of lemon in there. Maybe that’s all I need to put in. I’ll just taste it.”

“Very nice.”

ID: 1510272

9. Boiled lobster. “While you’re eating the little legs, the rest of the lobster has the time to cool off a little bit, ‘cause it’s good and hot.”

“That’s some of the very, very best meat. Well, I always seem to say that about every part of the lobster.”

ID: 1510306

10. Hamburgers. Julia Child, bickering and eating hamburgers with Jacques Pépin.

“That’s good,” she says. “Real American fare.”

ID: 1510877

11. Eggs benedict. They seem to agree that they always forget how delicious hollandaise sauce is.

“Delicious.” Mais oui!

ID: 1510913

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