Brad Pitt Showed Up At A Screening Of “World War Z”

Some people saw it coming. They still seemed pretty excited.

1. Brad Pitt just popped out unannounced in a movie theater at L.A. LIVE Friday night.

The surprise appearance was at an advance screening of the zombie apocalypse flick World War Z, which comes out June 21. He called the movie “the most intense thing you’ll see all summer.”

“He was not kidding,” said Damaris Tejeda after the show.

Tejeda, who’d heard about his appearance at a screening in Philadelphia Thursday, wasn’t surprised (Pitt also went to three other screenings Thursday). When she saw the crowd of people at the front of the theater from which Pitt emerged, she thought it looked “suspicious.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s coming from there. And sure enough, I was right,” Tejeda said.

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