10 Situations When You Need A Reuben Now

Bad day at work? Craving meat? There are just some situations in life that call for a Reuben immediately. And when they strike, you’ll know.

1. When You’re Craving Meat

Do you wake up craving meat? Do you crave meat in the middle of the work day? How about while you’re sleeping? There’s a cure for that.

2. After A Long Night Of Singing Karaoke

After a long night of giving the Karaoke scene a bad name with your awful rendition of Taylor Swift’s, “We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together,” you most definitely deserve a condolence Reuben.

3. After You’ve Just Lost The Big Game

Tom Brady didn’t just sit around and cry after he lost the big game to the New York Giants… he sat around and cried WITH a Reuben. Now that’s losing with style.

4. That Day When You Finally Decide You’re Giving Up Being A Vegetarian

So you’re planning on making up with meat. There’s no better way to ring in a meaty New Year than with a Reuben.

5. When You Drive Past Arby’s On Your Way To And From Work

And you’re forever reminded of that time you ditched your date for Arby’s.

6. When You’ve Just Gotten Dumped

Breakups can be tough, but sitting around and moping isn’t going to get you anywhere, now is it? Pick up a Reuben and carry on.

7. When You Just Sunk The Game Winning Three Pointer

We all know what Jeremy Lin did right after he sunk the game winning three pointer against the Wizards. He took a trip to Rebuen city, baby!

8. When You Need A “Pick Me Up”

Having a bad day? There’s one thing that can make it better.

9. When You Lose A Game Of Words With Friends Because Of This

It’s bad enough losing that game of Words With Friends you’ve been playing for a month. But to lose because of this word? You, my friend, deserve a Reuben.

10. After Reading All Of These Scenarios

By now, you’re probably hungry. Go get yourself a Reuben, you deserve it!

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