Reasons Buffy Made Your Adolescence Seem Just Plain Uneventful

We were all a little disappointed when we walked into our high school library on the first day of school and we learned the harsh truth: we weren’t the “chosen one.” Here, let me break it to you and Mr. Pointy slowly.

1. First, how stoked were you to see this every week? Amiright?

You get a cookie if you played air guitar along with the tune.

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2. Alas, you didn’t have a destiny chosen for you, ergo, you never got your membership card to the slayer club.

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3. Your Scooby Gang wasn’t nearly as cool as these guys.

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4. Your librarian wasn’t nearly as hot as Giles was.

New drinking game: drink every time Giles sips from his green mug.

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5. Your Friday night spot wasn’t this happening…

and it really wasn’t the end of the world if you didn’t get to go out that night.

ID: 1345058

6. Your comebacks weren’t as clever nor were they as cunning.

Thanks, Joss.

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7. There wasn’t a spell that would cause you to burst into song.

I think this post’s mostly filler.

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But let’s look at the positive, shall we?

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9. Buffy made sure you never felt alone, no matter what stage you were at in your life…

ID: 1345068

10. She gave you fierce hope.

ID: 1345069

11. And she made you feel like you could kick ass…

and that women seriously rock.

ID: 1345070

12. She always had your back.

ID: 1345071

13. She saved the world, a lot.

ID: 1345072

14. Seriously, a lot…

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