10 Ways You Know He “Likes” You

As told by John Hughs, My So-Called Life and Clueless. (Boys - They should each come with their own decoder ring)

1. He’ll engage in some really strange behavior.

One minute, he’s seemingly obsessed with you…

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2. He’ll completely contradict the vibes he’s putting out.


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3. Compliment your outfits…

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4. …then make fun of your hair.

Pro tip: Hairstyles your mom thinks are cute, are not always what boys will.

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5. He’ll think of interesting ways to get your attention.

This was some hi-tech flirting back in the day.

ID: 2384276

6. …then act completely disinterested.

You’ll swear, this is the stuff Zoloft commercials are made of.

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7. He’ll cause you to lose all hope…

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8. Then suddenly…

It’s like they can tell when you’re almost over them…they can smell it.

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9. …and you’re like


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10. …and it dawns on you - HE LIKES YOU.

us too.

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