38 Surefire Ways To Know You Were A Washington D.C. Transplant

Who run the world?

1. You moved to D.C. because you wanted to run shit.

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2. Interning on the Hill established your importance.

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3. And if you wanted to create change outside the system, you went the NGO route.

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4. Drunken runs to the White House were tradition.

Manuel Balce Ceneta / Via AP
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5. You watched every episode of The West Wing.

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6. Bars were sometimes a little stuffy.

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7. You knew East-West streets are lettered, North-South streets are numbered, and diagonal streets are named after states.

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8. Every picture you took in front of the White House had meaning.

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9. This protester out lived your stay in D.C.

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10. Wearing sweats to class got you the side eye.

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11. The first year of college you never left campus because your college felt like ‘real’ D.C.

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12. And when you finally did leave campus you mostly hung out in NW DC.

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13. You went to Howard for Homecoming to see the celebs.


World Star HipHop

Brandon Todd / Splash News

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14. You were a government employee.

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15. You couldn’t avoid GW because the university owned almost everything.

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16. The shops on M Street met all your fashion needs.

Daniel Lobo / Via Flickr: daquellamanera / Creative Commons
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17. You hung out on U Street or in Adams Morgan or if you were really cool on H Street.

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18. It was absolutely hilarious when locals freaked out about the weather.

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19. Cazy shit happen on the Chinatown bus.

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20. You stood in line at Georgetown Cupcake.

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21. Paying insane amounts of money for Sweet Green salads was totally normal.

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22. Standing in line at Ben’s Chili Bowl made you feel like a local.

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23. You knew a politician’s kid.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

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24. A diplomatic motorcade made you late on more than one occasion.

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25. Dates to museums were economical because they were FREE.

Ingfbruno / Via en.wikipedia.org
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26. Drunken tours of the monuments was the best way to experience history.

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27. You would forget alcohol wasn’t sold after 10 pm and at 9:45 pm you would rush to the liquor store.

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28. On Saturday nights cabs were the only way to get home because D.C. metro stopped so early.

Updated with the most current D.C. metro map.

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29. When people first said DMV you were very confused.

DMV is an acronym used to refer to the greater Washington D.C. area which include parts of Maryland and Northern Virginia.

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30. Virginia was where you went to buy cigarettes.

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31. You felt constantly policed but totally safe at the same time.

Larry Downing / Reuters
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32. You were committed to the D.C. uniform.

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33. National holidays were a little more intense.

J. Scott Applewhite / AP

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34. You secretly discovered the best concerts happened at 9:30 club.

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35. You knew the Black Cat had the best dance parties.

ID: 1744468

36. The neighborhoods were named weirdly.

Harshil Shah / Via Flickr: harshilshah
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37. When you go back to D.C. it’s cooler than when you lived there and you get jealous.

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38. Most of all you felt more American because you lived so close to the President.

Pete Souza / Via whitehouse.gov
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