33 Signs You’re A New Teacher

Rookies! The first year of teaching is mostly an out-of-body experience.

1. On the first day, you deal with excitement and nervousness by just smiling a lot.

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2. You don’t eat lunch or use the bathroom during the school day.

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3. You suddenly carry multiple bags everywhere.

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4. Your friends and family complain that you’ve started to talk to them as if they are children.

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5. You get excited for your weekends because you can have more time to plan lessons.

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6. Or you think you are good enough to wing it in class.

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7. You start picking up on adolescent slang.

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8. Your refer to your students as “your kids.”

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9. You make the mistake of speaking to students as if they are rational adults.

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10. You start to think your students understand you better than adults.

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11. You spend way too much time making visual anchors.

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12. You eat all the school snacks.

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13. You take everything your students do and say personally.

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14. You say to yourself, “I’m never having kids.”

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15. Some nights you cry yourself to sleep.

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16. You think about quitting everyday.

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17. You believe everything your principal says.

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18. When you are being observed you automatically become a less effective teacher.

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19. You have more pictures of your students in your phone than of your family.

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20. You Snapchat your students’ antics and they have no idea.

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21. Your top calls on your cell phone is a list of parents.

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22. You countdown to the next holiday break.

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23. You have taken pictures of student work and sent it to all your friends.

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24. You think because you are young that your students will think you are cool.

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25. You try to be your students’ friend.

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26. You’ve made the mistake of actually eating students’ homemade baked goods.

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27. A student corrects you and you shut him down.

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28. You think students are supposed to listen to you because you are an adult.

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29. You’ve lost complete control of the class and for several moments just stood there, silent.

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30. You yell a lot and feel bad about it but then yell some more.

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31. You go out on Thursday night with your college friends and on Friday you tell your students it’s a movie day and you beg for silence.

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32. On the last day of the school year of your first year of teaching you feel like this:

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33. When someone asks you about your first year of teaching you say something like, “You couldn’t pay me to be a first-year teacher again.”

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But you can’t deny what you learned in your first year made you a better teacher!

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