18 Signs You Are A Part Of The Education Reform Movement

The American education system is failing too many students, meet the movement that is trying to change all of that.

1. You at 5:45 am

ID: 1440914

2. By 8 am you have had your 4th cup of coffee.

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ID: 1440955

3. You have a Flexy Friend

Via The Together Teacher
ID: 1441011

4. You have read this book.

ID: 1441040

5. And this book..

ID: 1441598

6. Seen this Video and is down with the BMC

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/9195914.
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ID: 1441092

7. Joined this Organization

ID: 1441114

8. You have “leveraged,” “normed” and given “feedback” about “Data.”

ID: 1441161

9. Your Summer Vacation feels like its 12 days long.

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ID: 1441265

10. One time you got really excited and did this in public.

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ID: 1441339

11. All your co-workers are between the ages of 22-35

ID: 1441414

12. Your weekend, holidays, and vacations

ID: 1441501

13. You think this is adorable

ID: 1441658

14. And this heart warming…

ID: 1441675

15. And this 100 percent (hell yeah!)

ID: 1441762

16. You spend 80 percent of your day like this…

ID: 1441755

17. Your classroom is named like this

ID: 1441742

18. And looks like this..

ID: 1441749

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