18 Signs You Are A Part Of The Education Reform Movement

The American education system is failing too many students, meet the movement that is trying to change all of that.

1. You at 5:45 am

2. By 8 am you have had your 4th cup of coffee.

Via Tumblr

3. You have a Flexy Friend

Via The Together Teacher

4. You have read this book.

Via www.beterwoldbooks.uk

5. And this book..

Via www.npr.org

6. Seen this Video and is down with the BMC

Video available at: http://vimeo.com/9195914.
Via vimeo

7. Joined this Organization

8. You have “leveraged,” “normed” and given “feedback” about “Data.”

9. Your Summer Vacation feels like its 12 days long.

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10. One time you got really excited and did this in public.

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11. All your co-workers are between the ages of 22-35

Via hcplive.com

12. Your weekend, holidays, and vacations

Via gifrific.com

13. You think this is adorable

Via nytimes.com

14. And this heart warming…

Via blog.mlive.com

15. And this 100 percent (hell yeah!)

16. You spend 80 percent of your day like this…

17. Your classroom is named like this

18. And looks like this..

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