The 28 Most Amazing Things About Going To The Pool As A Kid

Marco! Polo!

1. Spending a ton of time psyching yourself up for your next diving board trick.

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2. And feeling amazing when you pulled it off.

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3. Being in the first back in the pool after adult swim.

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4. Your First Cannonball

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5. Martha Washingtons.

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6. Two words: SNACK BAR.

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7. Totally ignoring the sign that tells you to rinse off before getting in the pool.

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8. This amazing feeling right here.

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9. Stealing your sibling’s waterwings.

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11. Coming up with VERY ELABORATE synchronized swimming routines with your friends.


(That looked NOTHING like this)

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12. Playing this game for hours.

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13. Doing the Mermaid.

ID: 3240378

14. Splash contests.

ID: 3239773

15. Opening your eyes underwater even though you weren’t supposed to … and ending the day with super bloodshot eyes.

Totally worth it.

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16. Knowing your friends would be there every day.

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17. Getting green hair from the chlorine and secretly loving it.

ID: 3239821

18. Getting freaked out / freaking other people out with the pool cleaner.

ID: 3239845

19. Hogging the pooljet.

ID: 3239849

20. Having crushes on the hot lifeguards who seemed SO OLD.

ID: 3239917

21. Endless Fun Dip.

ID: 3239938

22. The first time you got to swim in the deep end alone.

ID: 3239999

23. You don’t know why you should EVER take your bathing suit off, even for sleep.

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24. Bobs at the beginning of swimming lessons.

ID: 3240381

25. The other kind of Marco Polo.

ID: 3240106

26. The amazing feeling of getting burritoed up in a dry beach towel.

ID: 3240020

27. And the smell of water drying on the hot cement.

ID: 3240026

28. And being so perfectly exhausted that you fall right to sleep … and can’t wait to do it all again the next day.

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