The BuzzFeed Brain/Heart Matrix

Find out which stories blew up on Twitter (the brain of the internet) and Facebook (the heart).

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If Twitter is the brain of the social web — lots of chatter, commentary, and argument — then Facebook is the heart — a place for liking, sharing, and emotions. BuzzFeed analyzed a selection of top posts from the past week to find out what percent of their traffic came from Twitter and what percent came from Facebook. Above, our Brain/Heart Matrix for May 1 through May 7.

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3. The Most Brainy Stories

These got the highest percentage of traffic from Twitter of the stories we looked at:

ID: 1158966

4. 5. “Deep Inside The Biggest Little Dildo Factory In America”

This BuzzReads story got 11.14% of its traffic from Twitter.

ID: 1159160

5. 4. “Federal Government Hunkers Down For Massive Cyber Attack Tuesday”

11.28% of this Politics story’s traffic came through Twitter.

ID: 1159146

6. 3. “The Expendables: Inside America’s Elite Search And Rescue Dog Training Center”

Another BuzzReads story; this one got 16.67% of its traffic from Twitter.

ID: 1159120

7. 2. “7 Female Musicians Discuss Their Experiences With Sexism”

This BuzzFeed Music piece got 23.33% of its traffic from Twitter.

ID: 1159088

8. 1. “Jason Kidd Is Turning Into A Ghost”

26.25% of this BuzzFeed Sports story’s traffic came from Twitter.

ID: 1159005

9. And The Most Heartfelt

These stories got the highest percentage of their traffic from Facebook:

ID: 1159168

10. 5. “The Best Of ‘First-World Cat Problems’”

This BuzzFeed Animals story got just over half — 51.78% — of its traffic from Facebook.

ID: 1159246

11. 4. “What It’s Like Shopping At Forever 21”

This Fashion post got 54.38% of its traffic from Facebook.

ID: 1159235

12. 3. “The 9 Types Of Hangover We’ve All Endured”

56.62% of this BuzzFeed UK story’s views came from Facebook.

ID: 1159225

13. 2. “The 21 Most Awkward Moments In Handshake History”

Terrible handshakes are popular on Facebook — 57.64% of this story’s traffic came from the social network.

ID: 1159211

14. 1. “27 Things You Had To Deal With As The Only Black Kid In Your Class”

This story got the highest percentage of Facebook traffic of all — a full 71.01% of its over a million views came through Facebook.

ID: 1159185

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