Obama Campaign Removes "Lady Parts" Image

The campaign took down the e-card referencing voters’ “lady parts” from its Tumblr after conservative media outlets noticed. The item “did not go through our regular review,” says an aide.

Earlier today, several conservative websites noticed an e-card reading “Vote like your lady parts depend on it” reblogged on the Obama campaign’s official Tumblr. The Weekly Standard took a screenshot:

The campaign then removed the post (a Google search leads to this dead link). An Obama campaign official told BuzzFeed Shift, “We have a review process for our online content and this piece did not go through our regular review. When it was discovered, it was taken down.”

The Tumblr user they reblogged the e-card from, vennstiel, is aware he or she is now internet-famous:

Conservatives quickly took their criticisms of the “lady parts” line to Twitter.

If you have #ladyparts and you use them to bring kids into the world, you owe it to them to vote Romney for their chance at American Dream

— reluctantzealot (@Just me)

I'm gunna vote with my brain, not my #LadyParts #RomenyRyan2012

— ThrowMoreBrandy (@Emily Cordes)

Hope my polling place has curtained voting booths, for everyone's sakes. #LadyParts voting

— woot6 (@woot6)

Bill Clinton is the Obama Administration's special advisor on #LadyParts

— JMuhmmed (@jabbar muhmmed)

That's exactly the way the libs and Obama think of women.. as #LadyParts. Just as they think of minorities. We are all stupid freeloaders.

— BlackIrishI (@Teresa)

I would have assumed the term #LadyParts was unacceptable slang. What other previously forbidden words are now acceptable?

— lhighter (@Lance from OK)

If you are a talking vagina #obama and #biden speak for you #p2 #ladyparts

— twiez07 (@twiez07)

@TimTebow Hey, Tim, what’s your take on this #ladyparts stuff?

— joejm65 (@Joe)

Tebow has not yet responded to Joe’s request for comment.

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