How Your Teens and Twenties Are Different On Facebook

Teens talk about relationships; 30-year-olds talk about TV.

1. Teenagers post the most inspirational quotes — 30-year-olds post the fewest.

Researchers at Wolfram Alpha analyzed what users post about on Facebook at a variety of ages. They found that posting quotes and “life philosophy” peaked in the late teens, then started climbing again after 30.

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2. Teens also talk the most about relationships.

Despite the tendency of every twenty- and thirtysomething’s feed to fill up with engagement announcements, talk about love is actually most common in the teen years.

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3. You talk a lot more about health in your late twenties than your early twenties.

Health talk keeps climbing until around 40, and then levels off.

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4. And as you approach your late twenties, you start talking about food way more.

No word on whether your tastes in food also mature as you age.

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5. But you don’t talk anymore about fitness.

Mentions of fitness stay pretty flat across all age groups. On Facebook, everyone is lazy.

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6. Your late twenties are even more cat-obsessed than your early twenties.

Posting about animals peaks around age 35.

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7. Thirty-year-olds talk the most about TV.

It’s grown-ups, not teens, who can’t stop posting about their favorite shows. But the desire to do so starts to drop off around age 30.

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8. And teenagers talk the most about social media.

But knowing teenagers, they’re probably using Facebook to talk about Snapchat.

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