9 Disturbing Images Of A Clash Between Policewomen And Protesters

Paramedic students in Kashmir staged a sit-in today to protest their grades. So policewomen beat them with batons (warning: some images are graphic).

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

The students, all female, wanted their exams re-graded after 5,000 of 7,000 students failed.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

They held a sit-in outside the health department office in the city of Srinagar.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

They blocked the gate.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

Policewomen used batons to break up the protest. India has established a number of all-female police stations and squads that deal with issues from dowry-related violence to female drunk drivers.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

A policewoman looks on from inside a police car.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

At least one student was injured.

Fayaz Kabli / Reuters
Fayaz Kabli / Reuters
Fayaz Kabli / Reuters

Policewomen in Srinagar were also called in to arrest protesters from the group Daughters of the Muslim Faith last week, when they protested against the film “Innocence of Muslims.”

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