35 Messages Of Support For Transgender Against Me! Punk Rocker Tom Gabel

The lead singer of Against Me! has announced she is transgender and will begin living as a woman under the new name Laura Jane Grace. In an inspiring outpouring of support, fans took to Twitter to wish her well.

Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images

Tom Gabel in 2010, before the transition.

Many on Twitter responded to the news of Gabel’s transition with respect and praise. A sampling:


Tom Gabel is cooler than North Carolina

— watujim (@Mim Jargle)

Best comment about the frontman of Against Me! announcing that he's trans: "Tom Gabel will be the fucking man, no matter what gender he is"

— mackenzief (@MacKenzie Fegan)

Support a great artist in a journey to herself >>Tom Gabel of Against Me! Comes Out as Transgender http://t.co/TMcGinhr via @rollingstone

— laurenkearney_ (@Lauren Ann.)

So incredibly brave. RT Tom Gabel of Against Me! Comes Out as Transgender http://t.co/sZFhSjJS via @rollingstone

— teganandsara (@Tegan and Sara)

Against Me!'s Tom Gabel is ending his gender dysphoria and officially transitioning. This is a wicked and hopeful day! http://t.co/ZXwvU1YZ

— RTAjennifer (@Jennifer Boshan)

Tom Gabel has more guts than me, that's for sure. My mind was blown. #againstme #news http://t.co/oZ3X9BCV

— geoffreyhiggins (@Geoffrey Higgins)

Tom Gabel, not sure what to think but in the end it shouldn't matter what i think.

— notcorey (@corey)

Tom Gabel is a fucking champion. That is a brave move. I wish him every success and happiness in his new life as Laura. #DoWhatMakesYouHappy

— CarlyKawaii (@Carly Kawaii)

Me: Tom Gabel is trans, eh? Dad: So? Me: Just telling you, I guess people are angry. Dad: They're cocksuckers.

— Joolaid (@Ms. Chanandler Bong)

Important thing is not that Tom Gabel is trans, but that she feels she can transition and talk about it in such a prominent public position.

— scattermoon (@Elaine)

Shout out to Tom Gabel. Good luck with everything man. You're gonna be one badass lady.

— DammitBre (@Breh)

Wow, really surprised about the Tom Gabel news this morning. Kudos for having the courage, and I wish you luck! #AgainstMe

— michellekearnel (@Michelle)

Tom Gabel of Against Me! has shown inspiring courage to come out as transgender. Best of luck to Laura Jane Grace. http://t.co/6HA3QJPN

— blitzkidsfairy (@Alex Carter)

So much love for Tom Gabel.

— samljbowman (@Sam Bowman)

I appreciate Tom Gabel's willingness to share such a personal journey http://t.co/p8nu8qpB #lgbt #againstme

— Teenstered (@Teen Halpin)

Much love and respect for Tom Gabel. Not an easy thing to do at all. All The best to Against Me! we hope they keep making music!

— Bombingneverlnd (@Bombing Neverland)

LOVE that one of my fav bands is trending, and its all support for Tom Gabel. Proud to have made him one of my idols for so long.

— LambNoel (@Amber )

I don't really care that Tom gabel is now a women. I think it's cool.

— billy_yo (@billy)

Wow. Tom Gabel from Against Me! coming out as transgender, staying married to her wife. Respect.

— tbquirk (@Tim Quirk)

I support Tom Gabel (or Laura I guess), really unexpected, but Against Me! still rocks.

— mitchellorin (@Emmitch Smith)

Anyone in the punk community who shuns Tom Gabel is a poser. We're about acceptance and being who you are instead of conforming. #GetAClue

— onnabugeisha (@Laura Keeney)

Tom Gabel, you're fucking awesome and I love you.

— mrlwe (@Rick Geerling)

Wow, congrats to Tom Gabel of Against Me! for finally coming to terms with his gender, converting to being full woman. Still rocks hard.

— tjwell01 (@Jett Wells)

Holy wow. What a brave move for Tom Gabel in the music biz. Especially for the audience Against Me! attracts. I'm so elated about the news!

— parkerades (@Parker)

Tom Gabel was such a good looking guy, but she'll be even better looking as a woman now, good on her. Congrats on being so strong #inspiring

— beatricepirate (@Beatrice Martin)

So brave: Lead singer in one of my fav bands in high school (Against Me!) has come out as transgender: http://t.co/HtXuzmKC

— kailanikm (@Kailani K-M)

We are so proud of one of our fave #punk rockers coming out as transgender & speaking up http://t.co/e59NxEYz #CanQueer thanks Tom!

— AIDSNB (@AIDS New Brunswick)

No pun intended, but it takes a giant pair of nads for Against Me's Tom Gabel to come out with this news... http://t.co/LMFL6EEZ

— Goodman933 (@Goodman-Channel 93.3)

maaad respect for tom gabel

— bekahkahkah (@bekah)

Fantastic news about Tom Gabel. Good on you, lady! It'll be interesting to see how this affects Against Me's new material.

— billysubway (@Billy Lunn)

Tom Gabel of Against Me has come out as a transgender. This is unprecedented in music and it makes me even more proud of my A.M. tattoo.

— JCCharles8 (@JC Charles)

Tom Gabel. Word.

— jennhh (@Jenn Huynh)

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