12 Hand-Knit Uteruses (And Other Female Organs) In Unexpected Places

The women of Government Free VJJ have started a campaign to send knitted and crocheted female reproductive organs to male members of Congress. Their motto: “if they have their own, they can leave ours alone!”

Government Free VJJ says, “We are women, we are strong, we are smart. And we have a sense of humor.” They’re urging supporters to protest governmental control of reproductive rights by knitting female organs and mailing them to elected officials. Their site offers some patterns, which you can see below:

ID: 193337

1. Womb.

Says the knitter, “It’s not completely anatomically accurate. I’ve taken a few liberties with the general shape and scale, as well as leaving out the ligaments connected to the ovaries. And, of course, the human uterus is not normally bubblegum pink.”

ID: 192916

2. “Snatchel.”

ID: 192920

3. Felt cervix.

ID: 192925

The above are the examples given by the campaign, but it turns out committed needlewomen have been knitting uteruses for years. Here are a whole bunch more:

ID: 193289

5. Knitted uterus knitting.

ID: 193164

6. Knitted uterus in the grass.

ID: 193201

7. And in an anatomically correct position (kind of).

ID: 193203

8. Knitted uterus with a face.

ID: 193239

9. Knitted uterus with a smirk.

ID: 193265

10. Knitted uterus on the fence.

ID: 193244

11. Knitted uterus with ovaries.

ID: 193255

12. Knitted uterus giving birth…

ID: 193176

“Note the detachable birth canal and the placenta!!!”

ID: 193184

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