10 Style Tips From A Masked Carnival

The Carnival of Venice has much to teach us about headwear.

1. Bling out your glasses.

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The Carnival of Venice runs from January 26 to February 12 this year, and on Sunday, performers wore traditional carnival masks and outfits. A wig and glasses completed this Venetian’s look.

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2. Strike a pose.

Manuel Silvestri / Reuters

Also note the classy ring-over-glove look.

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3. Accessorize with a giant hat.

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Or, you know, a rectangular face-plate.

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4. Take a breather.

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When all the revelry becomes too much, you can always linger creepily against a wall.

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5. Bring your fan.

Manuel Silvestri / Reuters

And make sure it matches your cool/scary upholstery hat.

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6. Cultivate an air of mystery.

Manuel Silvestri / Reuters

Who is this masked man contemplating the gondolas?

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7. Make an entrance.

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During the “Flight of Columbine” or “Flight of the Angel,” an acrobat is lowered from Saint Mark’s bell tower on an iron cable into the square below. Definitely try this at your next party.

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8. Coordinate with your date.

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Bonus points if you also coordinate luggage.

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9. Or your friends.

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These more understated outfits look like they could be cute (and warm) winter partywear.

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10. Smize.

Stringer / Reuters

With a mask it’s especially necessary.

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