James Franco. Man, Myth, Legend.

For my fellow Francophones: here is a concise, and not necessarily chronological, biography of our main man.

1. You’re never going to believe this, but James Franco was a baby once.

2. He has two brothers. He basically taught this one how to walk.

3. When James smiles…he gets verrrry wrinkly.

4. Got pugs everywhere thinking, ‘Who is this guy?’

5. No competing with his grin.

6. Despite some truly impressive efforts to upstage it.

7. James hosted the Oscars with Anne Hathaway once.

8. Everybody makes mistakes, I guess.

9. You should also know that James is a family man. Here he is with his Gran.

10. A secret handshake between a Grandma and her Franco.

11. Fun Fact: James was in a variety of strange films that no one ever saw.

12. Funner Fact: He is currently in very strange film that many people are actively going to see.

One word. Thespian.

13. And sometimes, he’ll just fall asleep with kittens.

14. Or puppies. He loves animals.

15. He’s not even scared of this animal at all!

You’re so brave, James.

Why don’t you hold me for a little bit while I calm down?

16. Oh here he is sleeping again!

Wake up you silly man. Or keep sleeping. I just want you to be happy……and naked.

17. Also, he does charity work.

Above, he is raising awareness at an AIDS benefit. <333

18. Was God thinking specifically of Franco when he invented the gif? What do you think?


19. He’s so happy here.

Me too, James. Me too.

20. Gif James is chock full of life advice.

21. If this is a personal challenge to become your wife…

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