8 Signs You Know You’re A Russian Raised In America

You came to America at a young age so you grew up with American culture but your family was as FOB as it gets.

8. You forgot you were in America once you stepped inside your house.

Whether it was Russian TV, books, or food, you were completely immersed in a Russian culture bubble.

7. Your keyboard has both English and Russian language.

One for your friends and one for those family members who actually learned how to text (but not in the the English language).

6. You’re Utterly Confused About What To Do With Your Life

You were raised by society to believe in the “American Dream” - that you can be whatever you wanted to be but then you were told by your parents that you must go to college, get a good job, get married, have kids, and take care of your parents. Now we are just confused.

5. You Were Always Under Pressure To Do Well in School

Failed english? No problem! Got a 98% in calculus? You were deemed a failure…

4. You’re White and Have No Accent

3. Yet, After 20 Years of Living Here, You Are Still Translating for Your Parents

2. This is What Dinner Looked Like. Every Day.

Don’t forget the vodka and cognac placed perfectly between every other dish.

1. Your Grandma Bombards You With Food Every Time You Visit

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