How I Lost My Virginity, In GIFs

I was a virgin for 25 years, and then I wasn’t anymore. Here’s how it went.

1. For the first 25 and a half years of my life, I was

ID: 756885

2. But for a long time

ID: 756888

3. Because I wasn’t like

ID: 756892

4. I was more like

ID: 756896

5. I wasn’t about to lose my virginity at prom, because, uh…

ID: 756904

6. And when it got to the point that I was “too old” to be a virgin without having some kind of weird “sex hangup,” I would try to cover it up by being like

ID: 756908

7. As if that didn’t make it more obvious.

ID: 756916

8. Before going to some lame dorm party in college,

ID: 756920

9. I’d put on a tight green American Apparel U-neck dress that I hoped would entice some guy to put it in me for a second. Which would be long enough for me to feel comfortable talking about it brunch, rather than feeling like

ID: 756928

10. So I would walk into the party like

ID: 756945

11. and then go up to some guy with a plaid flannel on and be all

ID: 756956

12. but then he’d always turn out to be an Adderall dealer or an objectivist or something

ID: 756961

13. and I’d be like

ID: 756969

14. Of course, there were one or two guys who made me

ID: 757048

15. and there was some

ID: 757053

16. but they were ultimately like

ID: 757055

18. As is often the case,

ID: 757174

19. So eventually I was like, fuck this, and screamed into the ether:

ID: 757070

21. My friends all responded differently:

ID: 757078

People from high school.

ID: 757093

My best male friends.

ID: 757091

My best female friends.

ID: 757095

Guys I’d hooked up with before.

ID: 757097

26. And naturally, after I told people and stopped worrying too much about it,

ID: 757122

27. And everyone was like

ID: 757127

28. and I was like

ID: 757128

29. Le fin.

ID: 757129

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