17 Cats So Pissed They’re Not Kittens Anymore

Because it’s not easy getting older.

1. Just close it on me.

ID: 1111611

2. Seriously, just walk away.

ID: 1111612

3. Nothing fits anymore.

ID: 1111615

4. And there’s no way this is happening ever again.

ID: 1111616

5. Because I feel death is upon me.

ID: 1111620

6. Just another year gone by.

ID: 1111623

7. But I’m glad this still makes you happy.

ID: 1111626

8. Not.

ID: 1111628

9. Oh, and look! More wrinkles.

ID: 1111629

10. Guess I’ll just sit here forever.

ID: 1111634

11. Or in this ditch.

ID: 1111639

12. Or on this pile of garbage.

ID: 1111653

13. It’s just… nothing feels the same.

ID: 1111654

14. And I’m literally crying about it.

ID: 1111655

15. Like all the time.

ID: 1111657

16. Can’t even look at you.

ID: 1111658

17. Yeah. You.

ID: 1111660

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