18 Things You Might Actually Find By Dumpster Diving

Turns out sifting through trash can be quite lucrative.

1. Real, live, fluffy, adorable, dumpster kittens.

Reddit user Ninjahoevinotour found a kitten in an Arby’s dumpster. You paid $200 for yours. Not fair.

ID: 1737258

2. Taylor Swift fan mail.

Kylee Francescon / Via trutv.com

Earlier this year, a woman found hundreds of unopened letters to Tay Tay in the trash. Awkward.

ID: 1739286

3. Pillsbury Doughboys.

Steve Baker / Via Flickr: littlebiglens

Another Reddit member scored 45 of these bad boys. Snaps, mcgrittles04.

ID: 1738650

4. Winning lottery tickets.

wetwebwork / Via Flickr: wetwebwork

In 2005, a Rhode Island man found a ticket reportedly worth $1 million. BRB, dumpster diving.

ID: 1738681

5. A fully functional arcade machine.

The Straight Dope member MarsDragon found a working Centipede arcade machine in the trash. Well there go the next 3 years of that guy’s life.

ID: 1738746


A group of workers cleaning a Washington state garbage dump discovered a glass bottle full of plutonium - the same plutonium used to make the atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan during WWII.

ID: 1738892

7. Cold hard cash.

$100,000 in cash was scooped up by three highway workers (there seems to be a running theme here) in Indiana.

ID: 1739150

8. Milk. 80 liters of milk. Get excited.

Mark Hillary / Via Flickr: markhillary

Reddit user JamieKlinger struck gold with so. much. milk.

ID: 1739200

9. Gaming consoles.

If you still haven’t had a chance to play GTA V then you probably need to hit up your local trash cans.

ID: 1739227

10. Actual cars.

Oh. Cool.

ID: 1739242

11. A meth lab.

Alamy / Via trutv.com

Yeah, a meth lab was found in a dumpster in Indiana. You want to say “aww” because you already miss Breaking Bad but you probably shouldn’t.

ID: 1739256

12. Confidential blueprints for the Freedom Tower.

Reuters/Landov / Via trutv.com

In 2008, a homeless man found the prints for the Tower while sifting through some rubbish in New York. A+ security measures, guys.

ID: 1739383

13. A stack of Playboys.


ID: 1739530

14. Free McDonald’s.

Turbo Dog, a The Straight Dope user, claims they once found “20 Big Macs, 5 Filet-O-Fishes, several cheeseburgers and lots of French fries all in one-easy-to-carry-bag.” That’s a drunken man’s dumpster-treasure.

ID: 1739757

15. Very expensive art.

AFP / Getty Images / Via trutv.com

In 2003, Elizabeth Gibson found a painting in the trash on the Upper West Side. Turns out the piece was a lost masterpiece by renowned Mexican artist Rufino Tamayo. The painting was auctioned off for over $1 million and Gibson received an unknown percentage.

ID: 1739808

16. The script for Twilight: New Moon.

A woman found a copy of the New Moon script in the garbage. What was a Twilight script doing in the garbage? Weird. Strange.

ID: 1739848

17. A whopping 37 liters of Scandinavian spiced wine.

Reddit user dalsgaard took home an assload of wine from their dumpster dive. Does anybody have dalsgaard’s number?

ID: 1739882

18. Bagels.

Mmmm. Bagels.

ID: 1739907

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