16 Gloves That Also Didn’t Fit

If it doesn’t fit…you might as well quit.

1. The dejected Valentine’s Day glove.

2. The sterile glove.

3. The boxing gloves fit for a baby—not.

4. The glove that just wanted some Vitamin C.

5. The not-so-classic black leather glove.

6. The curling iron glove.

7. The ambitious glove.

Flickr: saamiam /Creative Commons

8. The whitey-but-not-tighty gloves.

9. The gloves that got no love.

10. The glove that needed a drink.

11. The glove that ruined the Feng Shui.

12. The glove that wanted a pet.

13. The Mickey Mouse gloves.

14. The glove that still managed to make itself useful.

15. The gloves that wished they were sleeves.

16. And finally: the WHAT THE FUCK glove.


An earlier version of this post misidentified the type of glove in item number six.

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