The Most Iconic Animals In Showbiz

It’s hard to get your big break in Hollywood, and even harder if you’re an animal. These unforgettable stars carved a cute path right into our hearts. Sponsored by Animal Practice.

1. Pal, The Original Lassie

2. Leo, the MGM Lion

3. Bamboo Harvester aka Mister Ed

4. Keiko, The Killer Whale From Free Willy

5. Uggie, Star Of The Artist

6. The Pigs Who Played Babe

7. Cheetah From The Tarzan Movies

8. Toto from The Wizard of Oz, played by Terry

9. Buddy aka Air Bud

10. Morris, the 9 lives cat

11. Higgins, the Dog Better Known as Benji

12. Tori, the Sea Lion Knowns As Andre

13. Crystal The Monkey, star of The Hangover and Animal Practice

Sponsored by Animal Practice.

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