27 Animals That Are Probably Smarter Than You

These animals definitely don’t need your help. And they’re doing it all without opposable thumbs (except for the monkey). Sponsored by NBC’s Animal Practice.

1. This Elephant That Paints Elephants

2. This Cat That Was Up All Night Studying Calculus

3. This Dog That’s Been Working Like A Dog

4. This Dog That Just Finished The Sunday Puzzle

5. This Water Skiing Squirrel

6. This Dog That Doesn’t Need Your Bowl

7. This Get Away Cat

9. This Dog That Knows How To Stick It To The Man

10. This Monkey With A Good Eye

11. These Chess Playing Pups

13. This Dog That Can Walk The Dog

14. This Dog That Cleans Up After Itself

15. This Cat With A Sense Of Humor

16. This Bate-And-Switch Dog

17. This Dog That’s Brushing Up On The Classics

18. This Cruising Corgi

19. This Bear That Doesn’t Shit In The Woods

21. This Dog That Tucks Himself In

22. This Dog That’s Memorizing The Encyclopedia

23. This Cat That Knows Where To Cross

24. This Dog That Built Itself A Spaceship

25. You Know Prof. Dog Is Smarter Than You

26. And This Cat That’s Definitely Smarter Than You

27. Oh Yeah, And This Monkey That’s Totally A Doctor

Sponsored by NBC’s Animal Practice.

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