15 Sweet Animal/Human Friendships

Dogs are man’s best friend, but we can be BFFs with other animals, too. These adorable human/animal pairs prove that friendship comes in all shapes and sizes. Sponsored by Animal Practice.

1. Mike and Lil’ Bub

2. These Sweet Assistant Photographers

3. This Lion and the Woman Who Saved Him

4. Brutus The Bear and Casey Anderson

5. This Little Girl and Her Baby Sloth

6. These Costumed Buddies

7. Rico and Staff Sgt. Philip Mendoza

8. David Balding and Flora The Elephant

9. Christian the Lion and John Rendall and Anthony Bourke

10. These Poolside Buds

11. Vanessa and Jack The Moose

12. Pua the Anteater and Her Owner

13. Chance the Bull And The Family Who Missed Him So Much They Cloned Him

14. The Cat and Baby Who Double Up On a Swing

15. Dr. Coleman and Dr. Rizzo

Sponsored by NBC’s Animal Practice.

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