The 10 Most Politically Incorrect Moments On TV Shows

Just like “Summer Heights High,” there’s absolutely nothing PC about comedian Chris Lilley’s new show, “Angry Boys.” Which is exactly what makes it so great! Check out some of the most politically incorrect moments to grace our TV screens, and make sure you tune into “Angry Boys” Sundays at 10PM. Only on HBO.

1. South Park - Cripple Fight

ID: 44592

2. Chappelle’s Show- Black George Bush

ID: 44593

3. Angry Boys- Daniel & Nathan

ID: 44972

4. Family Guy- Aids Barbershop Quartet

ID: 44655

5. Da Ali G Show- Throw the Jew Down the Well

ID: 44656

6. 30 Rock- Bitch Hunter

ID: 44966

7. The Office- Diversity Day

ID: 44968

8. Summer Heights High- Dick Touch

ID: 44970

9. Boondocks- ‘White’ Heaven

ID: 44971

10. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia- Making A Terrorist Video

ID: 44974

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